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Sliepzand RT

Sliepzand RT helps your pigeons maintain top form and lasting health. With healthier pigeons, you have fewer worries and more joy. Furthermore, pigeons with clean heads also win prizes, so by using Sliepzand RT, you’ll achieve more and better prizes.

Sliepzand RT is used to prevent many problems, saving you unnecessary costs. Try it yourself, and you’ll be amazed at how much mucus is even released in healthy-looking pigeons.

Our tip: use Sliepzand RT in combination with Propolis, and you’ll be guaranteed stunning results.


After the flight program, administer once a month in a level teaspoon in 2 – 3 liters of water. Then, administer it in the beak 14 days before pairing the pigeons. After that, administer it in the beak 3 days before the pigeon race with which you will be flying. When they are 10 weeks old, administer it in the beak, then 1 week before training, and again after 3 – 4 weeks. The pigeons should still be fasting.

1. Put a small amount (0.2 grams) of DOFO SLIEPZAND on your fingertip or use a spoon to place it in the beak.


2. Close the beak, then massage under the throat for 10 seconds to ensure it reaches the upper part near the slit.


3. Set the pigeon aside for 5 minutes to let the product take effect. Afterward, press the nostrils with your fingers, and the mucus will come out of the slit.


4. Assist the pigeon for a moment and remove the most severe mucus with a cotton swab. The airways are now cleansed. (Based on 40 years of experience…)