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Sliepzand RT

DOFO Sliepzand RT is a naturally-based product. It is intended for the pigeon fancer. It brings your birds in top condition and continued health, so you win better and more prices ! Healthy pigeons are a daily fun (and less care). Pigeons with clean heads are price pigeons.

Use it to prevent: Coccidiosis. yelow, grubs, wet eyes, herpes, fertility, thick heads, trichomonaise, paratyphoid, paramixo.

You should use the product if the pigeons are sober. It can be used in two ways:

In drinking water. After the race program once a month and during the moulting and winter period give a generous spatula in 5 pints of drinking water for 2 days. In the mouth. 14 Days before pairing. 3 Days before the basketing the pigeons you’re racing with and you can repeat it. (pigeons must be sober.)

Use as follows:

Slightly (0,2 gram) DOFO Sliepzand RT on your fingertip or with a small spatula onto the pigeon tongue. Close the mouth and then 10 seconds massage of the throat, so that it comes up against the crack. Put the pigeon 5 minutes in a basket so the Sliepzand RT can do his work, then take the pigeon out of the basket again and squeeze the nostrils together with your fingers and mucus comes out of the mouth. You can also remove the mucus with a cotton bud.